Gravity Hotel

Gravity Hotel is an original, creative piece of theatre designed to be performed in the world famous Spiegeltent!

Cabaret, physical theatre, stunning imagery and original music are weaved together to create an experience which leaves audiences in constant wonderment and delight, as Gravity Hotel reveals its secrets to those who dare to peek inside it's dark walls.

Our heroine is soaked to the bone, trapped in a dilapidated Victorian hotel. Perplexing and absurd characters inhabit a world under the power of an all-seeing tyrant. In order to leave, she must find a way to confront this malevolent force and face her own heart break and regret. 

Part dream, part nightmare, GRAVITY HOTEL is a comedic ride through one dark night as the soul searches for redemption. 

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" Very rarely does an audience remain seated post show in huddled discussion " Theatre Scenes