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First album review- NZ Musician

What a nice review here from NZ Musician, ahh, thank you!

Sally Stockwell: Weightless

By Lisa Tagaloa

Weightless is an album “exploring light and dark and celebrating the spirit of transformation.” Produced by Louis Bernstone at his Ellamy Studios, the musical landscape laid by Sally.

 Stockwell’s musicians creates a playground through which her vocals seamlessly weave and float. Whether it be to tease, teach a lesson, tell a story or lament, it’s easy to drift away on the tonal colours and dynamics that complement the overall picture painted by the lyrics and her vocal delivery. The music isn’t complex and that’s to its advantage, as is the simplicity of the album – you don’t have to think, just let go and feel. The breakthrough moments are amazing destinations, but it was the underlying current of melancholy and longing in the compositions that had me hooked. I can’t wait to experience these songs live and if you’re a fan of Tori Amos, or NZ’s own Victoria Girling-Butcher, I’d certainly recommend you give this a listen.