Hey everyone, welcome to my blog space. For now my news is are my first two official gigs!

Album release finally here!

Well phewwww! Finally made it to the top of the mountain with my album release and it feels amazing!

The launch gig was on Friday at the Wine Cellar here in Auckland. One of my favourite spaces for local music with its low slung couches, seedy lighting and warm underground vibe. A fabulous crowd of friends, family and unknowns turn up to support us. Wow. it. felt. great. Thanks to an excellent sound guy (Rohan Evans, who kept the sound fat but warm) and my 7-piece band, all of my songs were fully realised, and that feels so satisfying after working on them for so long. I have to say, my backing singers Sarah MaCombee and Poppy Pritchard are an absolute gift. They swim together like two fish in a river; seamless and fluid taking each song to a new rich and textured level.

Anyway, a massive THANK YOU to all the musos who worked on the album, artists who contributed their work, my producer Louis Bernstone, my husband Mike, and to my family for supporting me with this journey. It's taken few years with unexpected twists and turns (a devastating low with the loss of my brother, and a wonderful high with the birth of my daughter), but that's made the destination and view all the more rewarding.

I had an interview on Friday for National Radio's 'Standing Room Only' with Lynne Freeman, where I spoke about the recording process and my brother, Ben. Click here to listen

Thanks for reading, more updates comin' at ya soon, as life rolls on and I keep up with it! Ake ake!