Hey everyone, welcome to my blog space. For now my news is are my first two official gigs!

Auckland Arts Festival- new theatre/music show 'Firefly'

Its been a while, I've been busy having babies, but in the midst have been chipping away (and I really mean chipping away) in the late night and random moments on a new work. It's a theatre piece with music, choreography and AV components. I'm most excited and a bit nervous as its's the link anyway, I hope you can make it along and that the show has a long life ahead. Planning to knock your little cotton socks off!

P. S I have a killer crew of creatives on board...Andrew Foster , Eden Mulholland (music collaborator), Claire O'Neil (choreographer), Emma WilliS (dramaturge) and Rowan Pierce (A.V)


Good Morning

Good afternoon. This morning I rose at 5am to warm up my voice, get dolled up and get myself downtown to perform 'Lilies' at TVNZ for the Good Morning Show. I regret to say I no clip to post, as they do not give links now (from 2 months ago) to artists who have performed!! BUT if you'd like to log on to TV on Demand and forward through the entire show (the sneaky advertisements will stop you forwarding in one go), then at 44.00 minutes, there I am with the gorgeous Sarah MaCombee and Poppy Pritchard. What gorgeous gals they are, I am so lucky to have such support.

So anyway, I'll post something short and sweet if I can get my hands on it, but the's a true teaser